Learn about the terms of use for CentralServer’s virtual assistants.

1. Introduction

The following Terms of Use govern the operation of chatbots implemented based on GPT technology, which includes ChatGPT and the programming APIs of OpenAI, and made available on CentralServer websites, including: main website, blog, knowledge base, and support portal; under the domains and

2. Definitions

Chatbot: A system of artificial intelligence automation that provides information on various topics, generated from user data input and the underlying algorithm.

3. Features and Limitations of Chatbots

The aim of the Chatbots is to provide generic information about CentralServer’s services or answer questions within the context defined by the user. However, due to the Generative Artificial Intelligence technology used by the system, the accuracy of the information cannot be guaranteed. Additionally, depending on the type of interaction with the user, the Chatbots may present information considered inappropriate or offensive, which does not represent the opinions of CentralServer. The user should seek clarification from the CentralServer team whenever necessary.

4. Disclaimer

CentralServer is not responsible for information provided by the Chatbots about subjects not pertinent to our services. The user is responsible for the use of information obtained through the Chatbot, including any links that the Chatbot creates, provides or makes available to the user in any other way.

5. Modification and Discontinuation of the Chatbots

CentralServer expressly reserves the right to modify, add or delete features of the Chatbots without prior notice, as well as to discontinue the service temporarily or permanently.

6. Accessibility and Usage Rights

CentralServer offers no guarantees regarding the uninterrupted accessibility of the Chatbots. The user does not have rights to use the Chatbots nor rights of ownership to the information generated by the system.

7. Server Location and Personal Data Processing

The servers used to operate the Chatbots are located in Brazil and the United States. By using the Chatbots, the user agrees to these Terms of Use and CentralServer’s Privacy Policy.